Vol 96, No 3 (2016)

Phase-Field Methods for Pattern-Formation

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Editor's Desk

Editor's Desk and Guest Editor's Desk PDF
T. N. Guru Row, Abhik Choudhury, Rajdip Mukherjee Saswata Bhattacharyya i - ii

Review Articles

Investigating Nucleation Using the Phase-Field Method PDF
Podmaniczky Frigyes, Tóth I Gyula, Pusztai Tamás, Gránásy László 161-178
Phase-Field Modelling of Solidification Microstructures PDF
Plapp Mathis 179-198
Elastic Stress Effects on Microstructural Instabilities PDF
Gururajan M.P., Lahiri Arka 199-234
Applications of the Phase-Field Method for the Solidification of Microstructures in Multi-Component Systems PDF
Hötzer Johannes, Kellner Michael, Steinmetz Philipp, Nestler Britta 235-256
Phase-Field Modeling of Electrochemical Phenomena PDF
Bhattacharyya Saswata, Bandyopadhyay Soumya, Choudhury Abhik 257-268


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