Vol 81, No 6 (2001)

(Nov - Dec 2001) Special issue on Microsystem Technology - 2

Table of Contents

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee PDF


Preface PDF
Vikram Kumar 615

Review Articles

SOI sensors and epitaxial MEMS. PDF
Makoto Ishida 619
Formation of diamond films by pulsed discharge plasma chemical vapor deposition. PDF
Mikio Noda 627
Ferroelectric films and micro devices. PDF
T C Goel, A K Tripathi 637
PMMA As an etch mask for silicon micromachining a feasibility study. PDF
Dhananjay Bodas, Sheetal J Patil, V N Krishnamurthy, S A Gangal 645

Short Communications

Optical and electrical properties of (V2O5)1-x- (MoO3 )x thin films. PDF
K V Madhuri, K Srinivasa Rao, S Uthanna, B S Naidu, O M Hussain 653
An overview of 3D structuring in microdomain.(MoO3 )x thin films. PDF
Y P Kathuria 659
Laser probing of micromachined capacitive pressure sensor silicon membrane.(MoO3 )x thin films. PDF
G Bose, Ravi Shanker, Suneet Tuli 665
Plasma etching processes for the realization of micromechanical structures for MEMS. (MoO3 )x thin films. PDF
A K Paul, A K Dimri, R P Bajpai 669

IISc Thesis Abstracts

IISc Theses Abstracts PDF

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