Vol 96, No 4 (2016)

Materials Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Processes and Systems

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Editor's Desk

Editorial - Editor's Desk and Guest Editor's Desk PDF
Prof. T. N. Guru Row, Bhattacharyya Jiban Aninda i-ii

Review Articles

Non-Enzymatic Sensing of D-Sorbitol using Polyaniline-Coated Stainless Steel Electrodes PDF
Subrata Mondal, Piyali Bhanja, M.V. Sangaranarayanan 273-284
Recent Developments in Environment-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel PDF
Somers A.E., Deacon G.B., Hinton B.R.W., MacFarlane D.R., Junk P.C., Tan M.Y.J., Forsyth M. 285-292
Electrochemistry of Nanostructured Materials: Implementation in Electrocatalysis for Energy Conversion Applications PDF
Srabanti Ghosh, Rajendra N. Basu 293-314
Interfaces of Solid Electrolytes: Fundamentals and Applications PDF
Yamada Hirotoshi 315-324
Models and Mechanisms of Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Electrocatalytic Surface PDF
Saha Sulay, Kishor Koshal, Sivakumar Sri, Pala S. Raj Ganesh 325-350
Proton-Conducting Channels in Polybenzimidazole Nanocomposites PDF
Singha Shuvra, Jana Tushar 351-364
Electrode Disorder, Electrochemical Processes and Governing Length Scales PDF
Kant Rama, Dhillon Shweta, Kaur Jasmin 365-382


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