High magnetic fields and oxide single crystals

A R Raju


We present here the design and development of a 15-tesla cryocooled supercondcting magnet by employing super-conducting Nb3Sn single-coil, Bi2Ca2Sr2Cu3O10 high-Tc leads and an optical window for irradiation purpose. Temperature variation of magnetoresistance for a thin film as well as for a polycrystalline pellet is measured to test the performance of the magnet. Floating zone melting crystal growth facility is established by using infrared image furnace to grow high melting oxide sinbgle crystals for colossol magnetoresistance measurements. Typical results like the grownth of lanthanide maganite single crystals and their resistitivity and magnetization properties are present.


Colossal magnetoresistence; lanthanide manganites; oxide single crystals cryocooled superconducting magnet floating zone melting

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