Biofertilizers for Sustainability

G P Brahmaprakash, Pramod Kumar Sahu


Biofertilizers are gaining importance in sustainable agriculture.
Various complementing combinations of microbial inoculants for management of major nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are necessary for sustainability. A broad canvas of biofertilizers that enhance nitrogen and  specific to legumes and non legumes along with inoculants that enhance phosphorus nutrition are discussed from several perspectives. The mode of action of these microorganisms within and the transformation of nutrients is elucidated. In the Indian scenario, use of biofertilizers faces various constraints, such as longevity, etc, need to be overcome to achieve substantial fertilizer savings. One of the key issues that still remains is the method of formulation of these biofertilizers. Some of the key difficulties associated are brought out in this review.


Prokaryotes; Biofertilizer; Symbiosis; Actinorhizal symbiosis; Cyanobacteria; PGPR; Inoculant; Carriers; Rhizosphere; YEMB; Alginate; VAM; Contaminants; Dilution; Microbial consortium;

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